Sunday, February 12, 2006

Collateral Damage

Amanda is wondering if it's wrong to find it funny that Dick Cheney just shot his friend, millionaire Harry Whittington while quail hunting on the Armstrong Ranch in Texas.

Well.... no. It's not wrong. Well... maybe it is. I know how it feels to get shot. So, why can't I get rid of the feeling of mirth?

Whittington took a full upper body blast when Cheney opened fire on a low-flying bogey... um, a quail. (Sorry, it was the adrenaline.) Whittington was attended by the small army of medical people, who follow Cheney everywhere he goes, and was taken to Corpus Christi where he's reported to be in stable condition.

It does make you wonder though. This guy is second in command of an administration with the most technically powerful armed forces in the world at its disposal. He has been a significant part of the unleashing of that power, first, with full justification and second, with no justification at all. In short, he's used to pulling the trigger with no concern for collateral damage.

Of course, if Cheney hadn't received all those deferments he might have had a little better knowledge of weapons safety and better control of his weapon. You know. The rule about "clear three sixty" and calling your shot.

Hell of a price to pay for such a big fat tax cut though.

Update: You have to read Laura's take on this. I know it just adds to the bizarre nature of the story... but it speaks volumes.

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