Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Guest Blogging At Pandagon

I've got a post up at Pandagon this afternoon during Amanda's Blogwhore Bonanza. She's off in Amsterdam drinking beer, cycling, staying up late, checking out the culture, partying and making us all crazy by sending back pictures. Pam and Jedmunds are holding the fort while she's away and several of us roll through. So, click on over and have a look at what's going on! (By the way, I didn't cross-post, so the posting at Pandagon is unique and won't be repeated here.)

If you've just arrived from Pandagon, WELCOME!! Please have a look around. You'll find we cross many borders, and wade through many swamps, but we are progressive, left-leaning, pro-feminist, potty-trained and omnivorous. Some of our more popular posts are here, here, here, here and here. And there are plenty more.

Have a great day, and we hope you come by often to check us out.

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