Saturday, February 11, 2006

Look what's opening in Ottawa

Well that didn't take long. Big Daddy Dobson and his crowd of right-wingnut conservatives have crossed the border to set up a "think tank". (via Canadian Cynic).

I'm surprised it happened this fast, although I shouldn't be. This is a group of homophobes who proselytize their warped religious doctrine wherever they set up shop. Dobson's group has an unprecedented level of access to the White House in the US and it's a sure bet that they are looking to achieve the same thing in Ottawa.

Say hello to the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. This is an extreme literal bible lobby group with a rigidly narrow agenda. They will be pushing for quick legislation repealing same-sex marriage and they will be adding the yeast to the benign mash of a non-existent abortion debate. The two groups who will be directly affected by their "policy guidance" to government will be gay/lesbian groups and women.

The timing is rather obvious. If the current crop of Conservatives had not gained power, they would not be here. The Canadian government had always been viewed as dangerous ground by Dobson and Focus On The Family. Even the former Progressive Conservatives were considered too moderate for Dobson's liking. The Conservative Party of Canada however, is a different group and it's about to become very obvious. The attraction to Dobson is the extremists in the CPC and the close ties they have with US ultra-right.

And before someone tries to comment that IMFC isn't really affiliated with Focus On The Family, check out the employment opportunities at FOTFC.

We can only hope that enough sane heads exist in the new Canadian government to show this bunch back to their spawning grounds. Of course, Big Daddy Dobson has just had his penis whacked in Colorado, home of his head office.

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