Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uh oh, Mr. Paradis...

An aerospace company received two multimillion-dollar contracts from the federal government after one of its executives donated to the Conservatives, The Canadian Press has learned. But Nicola Papiccio said his donations, which totalled $1,500, had nothing to do with his then-employer getting the contracts, and he says he didn't donate to curry favour with the government. Public Works awarded Rheinmetall Canada two contracts worth a total of $36 million in 2009, when Christian Paradis was minister at the department. Ten days before the second contract was awarded, Papiccio donated $1,000 to the Conservative riding association in the minister's constituency.

Somewhere out there Con supporters are softly whimpering "Adscam" into tear-stained pillows, their soft and tender principles sore from lashings by the spirit of Liberals' past.


M@ said...

Isn't it funny that Public Works is the same ministry where Adscam occurred?

And, incidentally, the same ministry where Harper appointed a senator and made him minister on the very first day of his mandate. So that the minister couldn't be questioned in parliament, perhaps.

Business as usual, except even more so.

Unknown said...

I would expect that all involved resign, as that is the Honorable thing to do... (ha)

Lets see, No UN security council seat, No repeal of the gun registry, Every knoledgable group against the long form census decision...

Start getting ready folks, Amateur hour is all but over (Hopefully)