Thursday, October 28, 2010

Canada tightens sanctions on the moon...

Or the foreign policy ninjas in our government might as well have for all the impact they'll have
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon announced the new restrictions on Thursday in Ottawa, saying Canada is taking a "principled stand against those who recklessly commit acts of aggression in violation of international law."
“North Korea’s aggressive actions represent a grave threat to international security and are particularly troubling with regard to stability in northeast Asia,” Cannon told reporters. “North Korea must take tangible steps in improving its behaviour and complying with its obligations under international law.”

Yeah, Larry sure pwned those guys. Just like when he showed the United Nations our wicked diplo skilz by getting Michael Ignatieff to cleverly upset 60 years of Security Council tradition. Portugal doesn't know what hit them.  Showed those pinko Euro-weenies the Con judo too, didn't he?  
Hey, but at least he gets to look all hard and assertive (check the steely eyes in the photo!) 'cause he got to punish something today. And at the end of the day punishing people really what gets these Con-boys off isn't it?


Edstock said...

"punishing people really what gets these Con-boys off isn't it?" — yes indeed, there is something about their guilt-stained psyche that fixates on punishment.

900ft Jesus said...

I knew someone who wrote those statements for DFAIT under the Libs. It's pretty much the same template for every time some country commits a horrible act. They just change a few words.

Same with this bunch. The offending countries must just laugh it off.

Dana said...

My gawd, we're a silly, inconsequential, backwater country with a media worthy of us.

The G&M running their "Has Canada failed in Afghanistan?" thing today is beyond bizarre.

Success and failure in Af'stan depended on Canada? Who knew?

The world is certainly a better place for the Harperites spewing their principles about like so much beer vomit while the national media lick it up like nectar.

Beijing York said...

Maybe some of these nations that abhor Harper's foreign policy should start threatening sanctions against us, even if its only a figurative gesture.

Perhaps they should also start walking out of the room at international events like the biodiversity conference anytime a Canadian minister or diplomat opens their mouths.

Dana said...

Seeing Cannon there just reminded me of my favorite German compound word.

Backpfeifengesicht - a face badly in need of a fist.

opit said...

Sanctions on North Korea. Yeah, they sure are the warmongers.
Who remembers that at the start of the day there were guarantees they'd be able to use nuclear power plants without harassment. That worked for Saddam, dinnit ? Iran too. Thousands of inspections later - no WMD. But that's dangerous ! According to our mealy-mouthed neighbours with WMD from Hell.
This doesn't take long. It's a reality check worthy of North Korea's scoffing rejoinder to the Security Council.
There have been 2054 nuclear tests. We have done have done the rest.
WE are irresponsible and dangerous ?
What hypocrisy !
Yep. That NPT sure rewards those who abide by it. It certifies they don't have inconvenient response to attack.