Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kate Hansen gets her Facebook back

You may remember a post from way back in April detailing how a Vancouver Island artist had her work removed from Facebook because the Lords of Facebook deemed it to be hateful, threatening or obscene.

Kate Hansen's art? Mothers breastfeeding.

It would appear the Facebook gorilla has had a re-think.


Jim Parrett said...


Kim said...

That's good news. Her artwork is beautifully crafted and evocative emotionally.

Maybe it's got something to do with facebook being crafted by college students looking to meet girls. I bet it never even occurred to them that their mother's would ever follow them there, with all that embarrassing maternal love!

It illustrates how technical advances tend to get away from the creator's original intentions. This time in a good way, but sometimes for evil too.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely shocking ..... images of women using their breasts for what they were biologically ended for.

What was Facebook thinking?

Dave said...


Do two college kids creating a web server with the intention of getting laid actually spend any time thinking?

Sorry. Just thinking out loud.