Saturday, October 02, 2010

Our mollycoddled monstrosities

A thought occurred to me in the wake of Dave's post.

Zijad Delic is not just director of the CIC. He is also a refugee of a particularly vicious war. A war where Canadian Forces members sacrificed blood, treasure, and often sanity in an attempt to safeguard the lives of Delic and millions of other non-combatants. A war which saw an entire country vanish into prejudicial ethnic and religious divisions. Divisions which resulted in those murderous actions we've quaintly named "ethnic cleansing".

Zijad Delic shares an intimate and haunted history with members of the institution he would have addressed if Peter Mackay hadn't prevented him from doing so. With these members, he is also a living witness to the ultimate outcome of the politics of division. Mr. Delic's country vanished in blood.

The mollycoddled little monstrosities we call Peter Mackay, Stephen Harper and Charles McVety could not level a greater insult to both Mr Delic and those members of the Canadian Forces who tried to save his country.

These "politicians" of ours and their rot-souled braintrust reproduce thinking which, when allowed to manifest, produces genocides and destroys entire societies.

There can be no room in this country for that kind of visceral hatred.


Anonymous said...

Yup this guy has seen horrors that most of us, mercifully have no idea about. Any lesson that this guy has to share are worth taking on board.
MacKay the prick is pandering to his coward filled base and is in fact doing our military a miss-service so he can get some votes.
Despicable behaviour and one that will ensure I will never vote for an organisation that includes this idiot.

s said...

Well said!

LuLu said...

mollycoddled little monstrosities

How breathtakingly perfect a description for nasty little bullies who've never had the courage to do anything but play soldier.

Bravo Boris!

Edstock said...

Ratko, Slobodan, MacKay . . . ugly names indeed.