Friday, October 22, 2010

How dare you, you mealy mouthed pencil neck

Stephen Harper has spoken. And not a soul has the guts to take him to task. Read this:

"The Canadian Forces are the victim here, [pause] as are the direct victims of these terrible events."
So says Stephen Harper. I didn't insert that "pause" for no reason. On the tape it exists and it suggests, to Harper, that the direct victims of Williams' crimes were secondary to the effect on the Canadian Forces as a whole.

Which shows what Harper knows about the Canadian Forces. And could care less for the actual victims.
Betrayal? Hardly. To most of the Canadian Forces this guy was a freak well outside the realm of the day to day of being in the service. And that's the issue: most everyone else considers him a freak. That hardly makes the Canadian Forces a "victim". Particularly enunciated by the acting prime minister as though the CF as a whole is a victim deserving acknowledgment to a degree greater than, you know, those who were murdered.
How dare a person like Harper set foot into the social structure of the CF. How dare he comment on it. He's never been in it and, as unpopular a statement as this may seem, he has no right nor the authority to state what Williams' despicable crimes do to affect the morale of the Canadian Forces as a whole. The ethos of the Canadian Forces is well beyond the comprehension of a pure political troll like Harper.
Most treat it as what it is: a serial killer who happened to be wearing an air force uniform. We're not him and never were. Harper, one of the worst examples of organizational leadership, has no right to suggest that the Canadian Forces are suffering under some sort of fug created by Williams. But most of all he has no right to create another victim when the women murdered and assaulted by Williams, and the loved ones of those women, are the only ones upon whom we should be pouring our sympathy.
So, to refute a political pig like Stephen Harper, weep not for the Canadian Forces. We already know what we are. We don't need the prime minister to make us a victim. We aren't one. The real victims of a serial killer deserve to be recognized for having their lives and love of life cut short by a monster and their families to understand that all of us share in their sorrow. We mourn with you but would never presume to be victims of something so personally devastating. 


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Greg said...

Oh, come now, you know that the *real* victim here is Stephen Harper.

Somehow or other. You just have bend it away from the actual victims, to the CF, then to the gov't, then to the P.M.

Just like the Cons were the real victims of the listeriosis crisis. Every time somebody died, it was the Conservative poll numbers that did the real suffering.

900ft Jesus said...

it's all about image for Steve, and in his virulent, sociopathic brain, the image of the CF risks being tarnished, and as Big Daddy to the forces, or as Commander in Chief, as he falsely likes to claim he is, that's the first place he looks because it may (as interpreted by his virulent, sociopathic brain)affect his image as a man who (have you heard?) supports the troops.

I caught that reports as well, and that pause was so telling. So fucking harper. The worst killer Canada has seen? Why, because it was a CF guy? That really puts the focus on the killer, defining the severity of his crimes by what he does for a living, leaving the victims as incidental.

I think the cross-dressing really offended steve and his rabid lot. Without that, they would not have been so offended. A military guy offing a couple of chicks...well, military men can be volatile. But wearing women's underwear? Now that's an affront to the uniform! I noticed that's when many more people really started calling Williams sick, deviant, monstrous.

West End Bob said...

When he made that statement yesterday, I hung my head in shame that this life-form is Canada's Prime Minister.

Thanks for taking him on for his uncalled for, inaccurate, unsympathetic and embarrassing comment, Cap'n . . . .

Beijing York said...

"The worst killer Canada has seen?"

I guess the countless women brutalized and murdered by Pickton don't count to this sociopathic piece of shit. (But we all know, to misquote Kanye West, "President Harper don't like Aboriginal people.")

900ft, I think you nailed the reason for the faux Commander in Chief's outrage.

w/v= culti as in Harper's rabid lot

Orwell's Bastard said...

And here we were, thinking in our heartless cynicism that Stevie didn't have any empathy.

By his logic, the RCMP's been victimized by the taser boys -- Constable Kwesi Millington, Constable Gerry Rundel, Constable Bill Bentley, and Corporal Monty Robinson -- to exactly the same extent as Robert Dziekanski.

Anonymous said...

This, like everything Harper does, is his spin. He knows damned well he needs the votes that the military-minded peeps bring him. He doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone else, as Greg and 900Ft Jesus have suggested. This incident is going to put question marks in the soft votes he has lined up. So, he's spinning it for his benefit, of course. Fekking fuckwad!

WhigWag said...

To be fair: loathe as I am to defend him, it appears the "will go down as among the worst killers Canada has ever seen" did NOT come from Harper, but from the Crown Prosecutor &/or Judge

Cold North Wind said...

As I can't even look at the BM's image, let alone listen- I thankfully did not hear that particular loutish comment.There are twisted freaks in every strata of society.excuse the typo- should be : PM

Beijing York said...

Cold North Wind, bowel movement works for me :-)

Alison said...

99 words from Harper, of which only 9 were for the actual victims

Niles said...

If anything, the CF has a dreadful heads up that it can 'happen here' and it can be people in authority. That's awareness at a high price, but I wouldn't be surprised the CF attracts violent dominants the way the priesthood seems to attract child predators. At times, it might be an effort to channel uncomfortable impulses into something productive.

The difference is, the CF has (in my anecdotal experience) in the past, an eye to monitoring, spotting and punting those going over the line of a professionally violent job. The Airborne murder and scandal for one.

I've not heard the CF being victimized in this or their rep being ruined by it in any corner, only 'what a whackpuke, how'd he get so high without getting caught?'

But it makes me morbidly curious. Given what the PMO has tried to cover up around the military regarding Afghan detainees etc., is he demanding cover ups on other things that aren't so blatantly public like the Williams predator murders case? How much control does the CF retain on cleaning house?