Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Attention Conservatives!

I'm going to do you a favour and point out a few of the things that Stephen Harper isn't going to do for you.

1. Stephen Harper will never get you a majority. Ever. Not after four years of nothing but minority and incremental declines in polling. This cannot be reversed. The Ignatieff grows stronger by default.

2. Stephen Harper will never lead a fiscally responsible government.

3. Stephen Harper will never lead this country to applause on "the world stage". We are booed from all points of the compass.

4. Stephen Harper will never lead a transparent and responsible government. Problems are covered up, or blamed on others, or skipped altogether.

5. Stephen Harper will never lead a government that helps "the troops" where it counts.  Air Canada was more important to the Harper government than the war-time logistical needs of the Canadian Forces. When other countries go to war, their commercial airlines are pressed into military logistic service. In Harper's Canada, military needs are seconded to commercial carriers.

Stephen Harper has benefitted from four years of your support. What exactly is it that he has done for you in that time?

Ask not what you can do for Stephen Harper, but what Stephen Harper can do for you.

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Kim said...

I am not a conservative Boris, but I have an idea. Steven Harper can gather up his entire caucus and get MacKay to hook them all up with proper desert camo, get on a Hercules, (routed through Pakistan, I guess)and open up a new Fucking supply line for those troops that we are (allegedly) supporting. Since he's so intent on Fucking us out of the last one!