Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Primal manhood"

I think the Toronto Star is trying to reinvent itself and target the 16 to 25 year old heterosexual male demographic or so it would seem by this Cribb column.

And a recent essay in The Atlantic — provocatively titled “The End of Men” — reports that after being the dominant sex since the dawn of time, “that is changing — and with shocking speed.”
This role reversal – including the female eclipse of men in universities and the professional world — is all part of the bruising being sustained by the modern male ego.
It feeds our growing deference.
The only path left is personal responsibility, says Katz.
Breaking the cycle requires a new found manning-up philosophy, finding issues that aren’t being handled in a relationship and handling them, being more decisive and, in the end, reclaiming a connection to primal manhood.
And, as an aside, it wouldn’t kill you to banish from your music library any whiny men singing saccharine dirges about lost love. That crap is killing you inside.
Somewhere between his random assortment of quotes and assertions, I think our Mr. Cribb is telling us intelligent and capable women make him confused and anxious, maybe because they don't listen to him when he starts talking about gender relations.  

Dude, your insecurities are showing.

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croghan27 said...

If you see the world as a zero sum .... power that anyone else aquires must be taken from 'me' - then you are caught in this argument.

This worked for ruling elites for thousands of years - if the villian/townspeople/farmers/proles are given power all will be lost!

No thought that the more people empowered the more power there is to go around. It is the control that is lost.