Sunday, October 31, 2010

40 years

For admitting to killing an invading soldier in a firefight. As a child soldier.

From Ian Welsh:

Others have covered this more than I have, but to me the initial charges were always absurd.  He killed a soldier in a firefight in a country that the US invaded.  The idea that doing so qualifies as murder is ridiculous, unless we also want to charge everyone who kills an invading soldier with murder?  And, I suppose, charge every American soldier in Iraq (a clear case of pre-emptive war, illegal under the Geneva conventions and exactly what Americans hung Germans for at Nuremburg) with murder?

Kangaroo court justice, the victors punishing the losers, for “crimes” far more minor than those the victors have committed.  Get back to me when George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell are in the dock, and we’ll talk.

And don't expect a Khadr to be repatriated to Canada to serve out his sentence (after his initial year in solitary confinement). The Harper hillbillies are deep into punishment of anyone they don't like and happy to ignore the rule of law where such things are inconvenient to the pursuit of their rigid and thoughtless ideology. 


Demeur said...

That's going to come back and bite Harpo in the butt. I understand any Canadian who serves their full sentence in the U.S. has no criminal record in Canada. I think Harpo just doesn't want to pay the bill on those prisoners.

900ft Jesus said...

this is unbelievable. I can't imagine what Omar Khadr must be going through right now.

Am I wrong, or haven't hard core adult terrorists - real ones, been sentenced to less time?

And murderers (which Omar isn't) have done far less after taking more lives, and for purely selfish motives.

I know this is probably a ridiculous question, but is there any chance of an appeal?

Dana said...

If he was classified as a terrorist, does that make his jury of peers terrorists too?

Just askin'.

Boris said...

And of course our Harperkind lie through their maggotted gob:

Informed Despite Education said...

To go back to the good old days when our governments hide the real use of power from the masses for fear that we would stand up and say to them "NO MORE!" and tople their artificial kingdoms. We the people are now so week and apathetic that they can flaunt injustice in our faces, listen to our roar of disastisfaction and still feel safe that they hold their post by divine right and nothing can stand in their way.

West End Bob said...

And don't expect a Khadr to be repatriated to Canada to serve out his sentence (after his initial year in solitary confinement).

Exactly, Cap'n.

What's with the MSM print and television news reports of a one year sentence in US confinement followed by 7 more in Canada like it's a done deal?!? Here's toews comments on the matter and here's cannon's.

Then we're offered Boris' CBC link which seems to contradict both of the harpercon's previous puffery.

I wouldn't trust any of 'em as far as I could throw 'em and I've got a sore shoulder tonight . . . .

Edstock said...

I would like to believe this will come back to bite Stevie — but I am not hopeful. This will be forgotten, unfortunately, by the majority. A sad day.

Beijing York said...

I have to say that I am expecting the worse like others. It should bite Harper big time but sad;y it won't. For the most part, it seems like too many Canadians either don't care or have been manipulated by the media to think he is a terrorist.

I wonder if this will clear the path for Tabitha Speer to collect monies from a US federal fund set up for victims of terrorism. A state court ruled in her favour but since Khadr Sr is dead and with not enough assets to cover the ruling, she has been trying to access that federal fund.

kootcoot said...

I've read that there was suppressed fragment evidence (probably suppressed because it WASN'T obtained by torture) to indicate that Sgt. Spears died from a American made grenade not available to the locals who were using Russian models.

Also not only was the home in which the almost dead Omar was captured attacked by ground troops but over the course of the day it had been hit by air by two or three 500lb bombs. If anybody came bombing and shooting up my house I would consider anything I did in reply to be self defense, not murder, even if I wasn't in uniform or was sitting naked in the bathtub.