Friday, October 22, 2010

Putting our space where our big mouth is....

Let's make this a regular event. Blog awards are really cool if you're one of the new kids on the scene. They can give you exposure you might not otherwise be able to gather in.

Hell, I did it. Vanity may be some kind of Christian sin, but it is pretty human. Most of us don't do this for money so there has to be some kind of reward. Most of us are pretty happy with an increased traffic count.

If I write, it would be nice if I'm not writing to myself and yelling at a mirror.

A lot of you are writing some pretty fine stuff. And not getting enough notice for it.

If somebody wants to manufacture an award program, that's just dandy. Personally, I know that most of us don't seek an award. We'd just like to have our views, ideas and reach as many interested readers as possible.

So, tell us what you've got. As I told Simon, I'd much rather open this small place to a larger audience and be able to add you to our blogroll.

So put your latest, your best, your favourite into comments with a link.

The best way to find you is if you give us a marker. Go for it.


kootcoot said...

Dear Beaver Folks:

I'm pretty certain that my joint was on your blogroll before your unfortunate template incident/forced change. I must also confess though that since you had to change your template, some problems I was intermittently having accessing your blog have ceased entirely - so other than the loss of my link it has been a gain for me.

Anyway, I'm at House of Infamy. The House began focused on mainly the BC Legislature, following the unprecedented raids during the holidays in 2003. Since then though I've found it necessary to expand my scope to that other House of Sleaze (especially under Harper's management) in Ottawa and even the Congress that tries to rule the world in DeeCee on occasion.

The Galloping Beaver will remain one of my favorite spots in cyberspace whether or not the House is on your blogroll.

Dave said...

You're on, effective immediately!

fern hill said...

Whatever one thinks about blog awards. this is a WIN.