Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today is the day Stockwell Day celebrates as the Day it all began

Don't be bugging Stockwell Day for anything today. He will be wrapped up in Genesis 1 - 2 marveling at how some entity out there in... wherever, got bored and decided to invent a planet complete with a few dozen species of plants, some animals (dinosaurs included, although they aren't mentioned in the books Day will be reading), the odd fish, daylight, night-time and some pretty points of light in the night sky to keep the pagans occupied.

PZ Myers reminds us that today is... Creation Day! The world, (which did not wear out in 1997 as forecast) was created on this date in 4004 BC according to the Ussher chronology. As PZ points out, this is an occasion for heavy drinking. (Not that I personally ever needed such a reason).

It also makes people do weird things. Like create enormous complex graphs of the history of the world, the likes of which you can't possibly fathom, especially since the first 2200 years of Earth "history" is condensed into one small book written by an anonymous individual who would have you believe that people lived for hundreds of years... back then.

So... it's party time! Or not. In this century if you continue to believe in such rubbish you shouldn't be in a position to govern anything more than a chicken coop.


Anonymous said...

w00t-w00t! Par-tay!


Alison said...

Ooh, I hope Doris is having a good time celebrating his ignorance. Bottoms up!