Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear wealthy denizens of Western society,

Stop bitching on your smart phone about how the valet scratched your Lincoln Navigator while parking it at the restaurant. Quit complaining over tumblers of iced Grey Goose in the clubhouse about how the caddy fees are climbing. Stop whinging in your letters to the editor that the government wants to take another 2% of your seven-figure income to provide basic medical care to poor children in your backyard or food for starving people overseas. Just shut the fuck up and take your snout out of the trough for a few minutes and enjoy this beautiful day and be glad you won the birth lottery. Be thankful you aren't any of the millions of people around the world who make your spoiled lifestyle possible.

(and yes Americans, it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. We had ours first, in 1578, without those dowdy Puritan Pilgrim outfits)


chris said...

Hear Hear!
Thanks, Rev. Just in from work (Yes, Virginia, even in Canada the peasants work every day.) and I needed a reminder.
A little gratitude goes a long way.

Southern Quebec said...

Went to the orchard with the dog for a walk. Most of the people picking apples were Mexican workers.

I felt like an "elitist" while these hard working people picked my food. That said, it was a spectacular day, and I too am very thankful.

Alison said...

Hear here! Well said, Rev.