Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here is where we juxtapose...

Dr. Dawg shows us the style political activism of the largest cohort of military fetishists in the US.

And Jymn (via Antonia) floors us with the 41 per cent reported rape rate in the US military.

I might gently suggest that it isn't ideas social conservatism, it isn't free markets or fiscal restraint, or some other intellectual fancy that drive this thing we call [contemporary] conservatism. It is a latent preference for misanthropic and misecological violence.

In its more sophisticated form, it manifests as policies that punish the poor for being poor, builds prisons, and makes a hobby out of war. Or thinks little of leaving gaping sores on the Earth to feed the want of machines and trinkets.

It its distilled form it is a tyrant of the lizard brain that lynches, rapes and kerb-stomps. It cuts down forests, kills oceans, and consumes a billion years of ancient sun and life to drive four blocks for a hamburger.

Immune systems in complex organisms have the capacity to 'wall off' pathogens, toxins, and compromised tissue within the organism. Our social and political systems can do the same...

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