Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just one complaint is reason to change policy?

Really, Tony?

Is that the test of government policy?

Oh, you  slimy bastard, I have you. I so own you and your Harperists.

I can give you a single legitimate complaint about everything your band of hillbillies has ever done.

You, Tony, and everyone around you, are liars. Blatant fucking liars.

Sue me you prick. Sue me! Hit me with a defamation suit. I want your "recorded" statements in open court. I want you to explain because I have what you said on record.

There is no such thing as a "deleted" email in the government. Since your lot has taken the reins all email is official correspondence. You made it that way. You are not allowed to delete it.

Care to challenge me on that?

Please! I want you to do so.

Allow me to add, this.

O Jeeze! Greg heard it too. 

But please, send the sheriff to my place. I so want to meet you in court. I have a lawyer bouncing to take this one on and I personally want to watch you torn to ribbons in a courtroom. This is personal.


Alison said...

Chet reminds us :
"Tom Flanagan noted back in July that the issue had never come up, not even once, in years of Conservative Party organizing."

ridenrain said...

Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages; The Honourable James Moore must step down because the CBC has been refusing to answer access to information requests.