Monday, October 11, 2010

Beware the... ignorance

And you have the citizens of the United States of America, wallowing around trying to make sense of a situation they brought upon themselves by being lazy. Shorter: Going to vote is such a pain in the ass.

And then they get this.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, in a speech that sounded a lot like a 2012 trial balloon, or at least an effort to drum up speculation on the subject and boost her brand within the Republican party, told a Bakersfield, Calif., conference Saturday to consider the next two elections together.
Hands up! Who thinks Palin isn't running a decade long campaign to be a female version of George W. Bush?

And we didn't think there was anybody dumber than W.

Well, actually, there wasn't. Offer ice-floe Barbie something more lucrative, like president of something larger than a failing nation, and she'll quit. She's already done it once.

The "dumber" are the people that believe this fucking bimbo has something to offer beyond the Alabama jack-off factor.

Palin, 46, appeared at the Bakersfield Business Conference before a sold-out crowd of about 10,000. Full-day tickets for the conference were $495 each.

You can point out ignorance, but you can't stop it from taking a cab to the polling place.

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