Saturday, October 16, 2010


If "Officer Bubbles" really wants to put an end to the shame and embarrassment he suffered as a result of his idiotic actions at the G20 being widely publicized, he might want to chose a different tack. After all, is getting  yourself saddled with the nickname "Constable Crybaby" really going to make things better? I'm sure this will make the other guys and gals in the squad room stop teasing him.


Pale said...

Amazing hey?
He will lose. We all know it.

One thing I do want to say however: If anyone has harassed his family and kids over this, that is just plain evil.
Occifer Bubbles deserves all the scorn and should be the butt of the jokes. He earned it.
His family is and should be totally off limits.
That REALLY pisses me off.

Dave said...

The problem is that both sides of all arguments have those who do not exercise restraint and know no bounds.

"Bubbles'" family should not be involved in this, beyond having to watch him suffer embarrassment.

Bubbles, otoh, should be suffering increased pressure down at his police division POA to find a quiet place to go and die.

His actions are keeping the focus on the police. Apparently something they do not want.

Dana said...

I wouldn't believe that man if he told me the sky was blue. Prove to me his family was harassed. In all likelihood his kids, if he has any, were teased by other kids who saw the video and he's desperate enough to call that harassment of his family.

The female cop beside him seemed to be doing her best not to become part of the story.

Big dumb schmuck with a power fetish. Shouldn't be a cop in the first place. He's a car wreck waiting to happen.

Greg said...

Is that all we have to do to win?

They've got guns, Tasers, batons and apparently impunity when they use them? They've got judges that set ridiculous bail conditions?

And all we got it Youtube?

And we win.

All we have to do is mock them out of existence. They don't stand a chance.