Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rex Murphy pulls out your mother's answer to everything

There he is. A loser.

How many times have you been in an argument with your spouse, partner or the like and heard the words,  "Yeah. Whatever?"

How many times have your been bent over on an issue and heard the word from a parent or an acquaintance. "Who cares?"

Your mother. When you've left her with no place to go; totally out-argued her, she says, "Who cares?"

You care, of course. That's why you're arguing your point. Her answer actually means, "You know so much more about this than I can even fathom that I must invoke my superior parental position and indicate that I have much more important things to do, and this discussion is over."

That's what Rex Murphy has just tried to pull off.

Coming from a knob who thinks that if it snows in Vancouver that global warming is a hoax, he's in about the same league as my mother.

Here's one for Murphy.

I care.

Murphy would have spent three weeks scripting his most eloquent praises of a Harper government if Canada had actually assumed its traditional seat on the UN Security Council. He would have lavished imaginary and undeserved accolades on the Alberta separatist as though the little boy had pulled off some magnificent feat of diplomatic prowess.

Instead we get: Who cares?


I care.

I dislike to this day the only argument my mother could pull out in a discussion that was clearly beyond her depth, knowing the only reason she did it is because she didn't want the other party, (me) to be held out as the winner.

So, Murphy, accept your new position. Nothing but a loud, half-neutered steer in the middle of the field making loud noises that do nothing more than irritate those within earshot.


Hard to believe you fought to have your education paid for by the public. If we had known what it might produce there might have been second thoughts by your supporters.

And if you need to know more, Sister Sage has summed it up very nicely.


CK said...

Thanks for the link

Niles said...
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Niles said...

Sorry, hit wrong button in the middle of something.

Isn't that just one of the main talking points being employed by the PMO and disseminated to the usual suspects?

a/ M. Svengali Ignatieff undermined us by tchtching.
b/ Who cares, the UN is corrupt and we're better off without it.
c/ We're so principled, we'd rather shoot ourselves in the foot than lower our moral standing, as Germany and Portugal did, the nasty little degenerate Europeans.

Rex picked from the short list on receiving his marching orders. He's not adding anything that hasn't been appearing in the comments sections of every article on this since the day of the vote. Ok, given the PMO's actions, since the week before the vote.

When I retort to "who cares" with "I care", the gear shifts automatically to "you're not normal" dismissal of my engagement.