Saturday, October 02, 2010

Canadian government policy based on the First Crusade

Dawg, Pogge and Balbulican have covered this nicely.

Suffice to let me add that Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and Charles McVety are a  national disgrace beyond sufficient description.

I expect MacKay is now feeling powerful enough to direct Canadian Forces Expeditionary Command to make plans for the retaking of Antioch. 

And to the inane little bigot (no, I'm not linking to it) who asked if the Department of National Defence would allow a "Christian Heritage Month" let me point out that as young ordinary seamen under training at HMCS Cornwallis we were compelled to attend Christian church parades every Sunday or be summarily charged under the National Defence Act for being absent from a place of duty. If a new entry service person did not declare a religion the government automatically made that person a Protestant Christian.


Boris said...

This government...there's scarcely the words for it anymore.

Beijing York said...

This is more than hatred or mistrust of a religion, "muslim" has morphed into meaning sub-human and not deserving of any of the rights afforded to humans. The extreme right wing throughout the west has over the past decade advanced this cause one incremental step at a time and too few in government or the media have ever questioned it. The unlawful incarceration and torture of Khadr would never had occurred 15 years ago.

Boris said...

The point about Sunday padre power hours also reminds me of the storied words of a certain company sergeant-major to his troops upon their entering a church:

"Take your hats off in the house of the Lord, cunts!"

Anonymous said...

Well Boss
You can always expect the most extreme measures from those who never risk anything but are trying so hard to make up for their cowardice by being so authoritarian. MacKay is a classic wanna be weenie. No balls but that won't stop him donning the uniform and persecuting all that don't agree with him. He's a fucking DP groupie dieing for acceptance.

Alison said...

Did anybody hear McVety's response on CTV after Delic's speech was cancelled? It's hilarious.
He's still not happy. Now he wants Harper to investigate National Defence for a "serious security breech" and asks how widespread this "infiltration into our security organizations" really goes.
I'll get a transcript up.