Sunday, March 04, 2007

You want the truth? Harper can't handle the truth.

Do you want to know how the Conservative Party of Canada intends to campaign during the next election? You don't really have to look far. Simply review the the US Republican party's tactics and strategy during the 2000, 2004 and 2006 general and mid-term elections.

Lies, smears and more lies. And they will be repeated over and over.

Sinestra, The Frog Lady, Accidental Deliberations and Cerberus all pull out the behaviour of Stephen Harper during question period when he outright lied about previous appointments to the Immigration Review Board.

Harper was clearly trying to deflect attention from the fact that members of the advisory panel have resigned after Harper's public accounts commission recommended that the IRB returned to political appointees. Susan Delacourt explains what happened.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared to take some liberty with facts yesterday to allege patronage charges against two Liberal women MPs from Montreal.

In what Liberals are describing as an "un-prime-ministerial" pattern emerging in the heat of partisan debate, Harper accused MP Marlene Jennings of putting her spouse on the Immigration and Refugee Board and alleged that Lucienne Robillard, a former immigration minister, had installed her ex-spouse on the same body.

"We are putting in place a new selection system so we do not have what we had before – like the member for Westmount-Ville-Marie (Robillard) appointing her former husband as a member of the board, like the husband of the member for Notre-Dame-de-GrĂ¢ce-Lachine (Jennings) as a member of the board," Harper said. He repeated the allegation in French, accusing Jennings, too, of making the appointment.

If either were true, it would represent a serious ethics breach, especially on Robillard's part, since she was the minister responsible for the board.

In fact, Robillard's ex-husband, Jacques Lasalle, was appointed to the board in 1990 when Brian Mulroney was prime minister, and Jennings' husband, Luciano del Negro, joined the board in 1996, before his wife was first elected to the Commons in 1997.

Let's not mince words here. Given the size of Harper's staff and the fact that such items would be well researched before being placed in Harper's notes, it means only one thing.

Stephen Harper is a liar.

With the attempt at personal smears and now outright lies, (when the facts are so easily verified and the truth is so completely different), it is a small demonstration of what can be expected from Harper and his party during the next election.

Jon Stewart made light of Canadian political attack ads during the last Canadian general election. He might more easily recognize what's coming in the next one.

Welcome to the world of US Republican politics, where the truth has no place and unsubstantiated character assassination is all good sport. They've arrived and they're embodied in the soulless little creature who calls himself a prime minister.

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