Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wasted. McCain had it right.

Rez Dog speaks the truth to power in a consuming post that tells it like it is.
John McCain was right. Iraq is a waste. He claims that those lives will only be sacrificed–not wasted–if we are not defeated. No, John, they are wasted no matter what the outcome because Iraq never threatened the United States in a manner that called for an unilateral invasion. None of the brave Americans who have been killed and wounded need have given their lives, limbs and peace of mind to protect America from any danger that could not have been addressed diplomatically and with international cooperation. That, John, is my definition of waste. An even greater waste is to send more lives into the meat grinder in the vain hope of creating a result that will any way benefit America. Much of the world, our neighbors on this small planet, probably don’t think we are have earned the right to expect a favorable outcome. We have squandered American lives and treasure and will reap only more animosity and terror from a world that only five years ago stood with us against Al-Qaeda.
Give yourself the opportunity to read the whole post. It's worth every word.

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