Saturday, March 24, 2007

As we wait for volume three of the Bible...

Oh no. Jonah Goldberg has a problem. As we all wait for the greatest book ever written, he's having to deal with this:
Parenting Bleg [Jonah Goldberg]

Okay, so my four year old daughter desperately wants me to do more magic tricks. All I can really do for her are variations of "Hey, I found a quarter in your ear" stuff. And even then, the prestidigitation isn't really up to snuff. If she were five, she'd be on to me. So, I need really simple, stupid in fact, magic tricks that can be done with little skill, that will impress a four year-old. Any suggestions?

Luckily, James Wolcott, recognizing Goldberg's self-admitted limits, has the answer.

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