Monday, March 26, 2007

Human error

This is what most professional seamen have been expecting.
The BC Ferries report on the sinking of the Queen of the North blames human error for the accident, which claimed two lives when the ferry went down along B.C.'s North Coast in March 2006.

The report singles out three crew members in charge of navigation and steering on the night of the sinking, saying they failed to make a required course change at Sainty Point.

The ferry then proceeded straight on an incorrect course for four nautical miles over 14 minutes until it ran into the rocks of Gil Island.

What is not reported in the CBC report, except minimally, is the lack of cooperation provided by the second and fourth officers. The BC Ferries and Marine Workers Union supported the two in remaining silent and refusing to give evidence to the investigation.

While they reportedly cooperated with the Transportation Safety Board inquiry, they refused to answer questions or provide the employer with details surrounding the event. That's all well and good, but now both of them, and BC Ferries will be on the hook for some very serious civil lawsuits.

BC Ferries will now engage in a fact finding inquiry to determine what was actually taking place on the bridge.

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