Friday, March 23, 2007

Globe & Mail, CTV, CanWest, Quebecor - Get Off My Lawn!

I surrender, I give up, UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE!

I believe you now Globe and Mail, CTV, CanWest, Quebecor!

A Harper government is the best thing since sliced bread!

An election will be called imminently over whatever you say it will be today and it will result in a Conservative majority.

I get it now!!!!

Every day brings another public pronouncement from one or another or all of you about the coming glory of a Conservative majority.

You're doing a fine job avoiding Stockwell's original nomination woes or Gordon's miscomprehensions or John's misdirections or Stevie's soiling of the PM's chair with his juvenile diatribes - but nevertheless - fine job.

Can you all be so certain that Stevie and Bev are going to de-regulate you in just the way you wish that you're willing to risk the de-stabilization of the federation that Stevie's rendition of assymetricality will incur?

I guess you are.

For me ... all I can say is I won't buy your rags or watch your newscasts anymore.

That is all.

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