Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some Tuesday evening random rumours

Jon Swift describes why Rudy Giuliani is the next best hope for President of the United States. Giuliani isn't messing about trying to run on his record. He's running on the basis of his best one-day performance... and right now, he's leading the conservative pack. (Sorry to take so long to get to that, Jon, but anyway.)

Scott Lemieux points us at something very strange indeed: Jonah Goldberg actually wrote something that makes sense. There's a reason for that. The subject isn't about military strategy, geopolitical events, US foreign policy, the troops or any of the other of a multitude of things with which Goldberg has no real familiarity. No, Goldberg has written about the US political campaigning and the fact that "Democracy is about disagreement...". He's right! And, he's alluded to the fact that politics in the US is more than a little dirty. Now there's something Goldberg knows something about.

Now, excuse me while I go claw my eyes out.

Laura asks a very solid question. Why, if banning incandescent light bulbs is limiting freedom of choice, (Oh yes, it will! I use fluorescents everywhere. They do impose limits), aren't the usual suspects screaming at the top of their lungs. She too has noticed a strange silence.

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