Friday, March 09, 2007

PZ Myers is having a party!

There's something about March 9th and squid that just goes together. And, if you're a squid loving scientist there's a good chance it's your birthday.

I've been called a squid on occasion. The last time was by a US Marine as we were sitting around a table, maneuvering beer glasses around a battle-board (pub table) and he was taking intermissions from the game to demonstrate a rather painful unarmed combat move on another marine. I think the line was, "You squids will really appreciate this one." (We suggested that the same amount of agony could be inflicted by appointing the poor fella "designated driver" while we all got plastered.)

Anyway... PZ Myers and I have something more in common. We share this date as our birthday. I'm older but he's wiser.

PZ asked for poetry.

I wasn't sure about asking for anything, then Cap'n Dyke posted something which had to have been written just to make my day.

Happy Birthday, PZ!!

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