Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Doughy Pantload is now free to join the US military

From Jonah Goldberg:
And Now for the TV Bad News

I am despondent that HBO's "Rome" is coming to an end. It has me more depressed than the upcoming end of the Sopranos, even though I don't relish that either.

There's much I don't like about HBO's politics and programming, but the simple fact is that much of the best stuff on TV is, without a doubt, on HBO.

We didn't know.

Had he just told us earlier, we would have understood. Goldberg was studying the history of Rome. Let's face it, few empires have had to deal with insurgencies to such an extent as the Romans.

It's all so clear. But, now that "Rome" is coming to an end, Goldberg will be free to take all this strategic and tactical knowledge he's acquired from HBO and offer his exceptional expertise to his favourite branch of the US military. I'm thinking he'll go for the Marines.

Here, Jonah, let me help you along. Just go here.

And don't worry about this guy. He doesn't understand that you were just getting boned up for your big day at the recruiting office. The greatest novel ever written can wait until you've defeated al Qaeda.

Don't forget to write burn an audio CD or something.

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