Thursday, March 08, 2007

Harper, the Oil Industry and Your Money

Question 1: What's amiss with the oil industry's profitability that requires the Canadian government and taxpayers to foot the bill for the cleanup of their greenhouse gas emissions?

Question 2: What's amiss with the Alberta economy that requires the federal government to step in and handle an environmental condition brought about by Alberta's lax regulatory regime?

Question 3: What's amiss with a government that decides to invest money in the wealthiest province in Canada, perhaps the wealthiest region of North America, when that province won't?

Question 4: Why would the Conservatives spend it where they have almost zero chance of losing a single vote or seat?

Yes, it's a problem in need of a solution. Yes, someone has to do something. Yes, it's at least action.

What are the answers to the questions?

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