Thursday, March 15, 2007

Because you present awards to the wankers you've got; Not the wankers you'd like to have.

Donald Rumsfeld is about to receive an award for "statesmanship".

Now, before anyone starts to hyperventilate too badly over this, try to keep it in perspective. The Claremont Institute gives out all kinds of "statesmanship" awards.

One better known recipient is Victor Davis (There hasn't been a war invented on which I am not the consummate expert) Hanson.

The occasional doctor-shopping drug addict.

And, Bush-fellating clowns in lawyer suits.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot. They also like to honour Conrad Black connected, entertainment-columnist-turned-political-pundit, hobbits.

This is nothing more than Rumsfeld becoming a "made man".

Sadly, No! has the Claremont formula for awards.

(Hat tip... Skippy)

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