Monday, March 19, 2007

Just plunk yer ass down in that chair

So, they remodeled the White House Press Room. From a layout which was eight seats across six rows it was rebuilt to accommodate seven seats across seven rows. No big deal, unless you are in the front row, able to get your questions out there and give the White House Press Secretary a good grilling on the issues.

With the change in seating, it was decided by the White House Correspondent's Association that CNN and FOX, both of which had been pushing to get the front row, that Helen Thomas, after 46 years of covering the White House, would be displaced so both of those cable news organs could operate from the front.

They changed their mind.

Helen Thomas, dean of the White House Press Corps, is back in the front row.

I don't think she's Tony Snow's worst nightmare, but you can bet he was hoping for a more friendly face to be staring straight up at him.

Oh yeah. FOX, because it is junior to other news organizations, was moved back.

(H/T Jill)

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