Saturday, March 17, 2007

Are Americans scared? They should be.

George W Bush needs to find a way to fund his escalation of the war in Iraq. He doesn't have enough money to do what he wants to do.

Perhaps he should repeal the tax breaks he gave to people like Paris Hilton.


Perhaps he should consider raising taxes and explain to his people that this noble venture, this plan to transform the Middle East, has a purpose which will long serve the United States and eventually, the World.


George W Bush has no intention of changing taxation in the United States. He has no intention of going to the wealthiest of his citizens, both private and corporate, and ask those who benefit the most from both his war and his warped tax cuts, to make a sacrifice.

No. George W Bush is going assault agriculture, education and other programs to pay for a war that was hatched by a group so unable to understand diplomacy, so unwilling to see beyond their own ambitions and so totally devoid of a collective conscience, that they would easily fit unnoticed in a 1970s organized crime family.

And, Bush has done it before. After ravaging health care and education in 2003, Bush managed to get re-elected.

At this point I will leave you in Pottersville where the emerging New America is described. It's scary.
I’m scared and angry that our once-Great Experiment is now a militaristic war nation, a nation that has supplanted charity, mercy and humanitarianism upon which its greatness once depended with the fear, oppression and death on which our current “greatness” now rests.
I hope, for the sake of the people who had hoped for something different, that there is a means to end the madness that is George W Bush. It was a King George whose actions spawned what was to become the United States of America; and now, it appears another king George will be the cause of its demise.

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