Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy

Unrepentant old hippie is putting out a call to bloggers who believe that it is important to maintain a complete and definitive separation between church and state.

I first saw this over at Blue Gal and I'll quote her for what this is all about.
No religious discrimination.
PRO End-of-Life Care (no more Terri Schiavo travesties)

Reproductive health decisions made by individuals, not religious "majorities"
Democracy not Theocracy
Academic Integrity (like, a rock is as old as it is, not as old as the Bible says)
Sound Science (good bye so-called "intelligent" design)

Respect for ALL families (based on love, not sexual orientation. Hellooooo.)

And finally,

The right to worship, OR NOT.
The US bloggers are fighting for a constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state. That may seem a little bit out of the necessary for some Canadians, however, the people they are fighting against all have branch offices in Ottawa and lobby-shops within view of Parliament Hill.

It's probably not necessary to mention the crop of wingnuts resident in Harper's Conservative caucus, but why not. Harper is surrounded by Christian literalist bible-thumpers and if they get an opportunity to cram their religious crap down your throat, they will.

There are no real guidelines to this. The idea is to post at least once from Friday to Sunday Easter Weekend, April 6-8.
A link site has been created at Blog Against Theocracy.

Now, if I could find a way to keep those damned rabbits from laying eggs in the bushes....

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