Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not a Day Goes By

Just when you thought L'Affaire Plame couldn't become more taut with hollow suspense and pre-emptive pardon comes news via Raw Story that the blonde bombe she'll always be was heading a team looking into Iran's nookyulur aspirations. Gratifyingly enough the Plame outing may have made a significant contribution to the convenient fog surrounding Bush's recent sabre rattling toward Iran. Nothing like multi-tasking when planning for Armageddon. Anyway, according to several unnamed agency sources (for reasons of not naming CIA people) the team's work was compromised to the tune of a decades worth of recovery.

Probably going to be about the average recovery time for the Bush FUBARs.

But take heart Valerie and Joe. You live in a country that's just as class infested as Great Britain according to a story in Reuters about this study conducted by economist Tom Hertz from American University.

"He also found the United States had one of the lowest levels of inter-generational mobility in the wealthy world, on a par with Britain but way behind most of Europe."

One must wonder if low levels of inter-generational mobility are a pre-requisite for credulity.

Geez, I believe it.

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