Monday, April 17, 2006

Extremist Wankers

TBogg has rooted out the Euston Manifesto, an unbelievable array of so-called "democrats and progressives" who believe themselves to have found a new political alignment.

At the center of their ideology is the premise that if you oppose the war in Iraq, if you believe that US sponsored torture of prisoners is wrong, that if you believe destroying and leaving destitute the population of any country is immoral, and then say so, then you are the problem.

Nice try.

To quote TBogg:

If you opposed the Iraq invasion because you knew, you just knew, that the architects behind it would fuck it up beyond all recognition; destroying the Iraqi infrastructure, killing thousands of innocent civilians, and unleashing hundreds of years of sectarian and tribal hostilities that threaten to plunge the country into a devastating civil war...well, you're just being a big poopy head for mentioning it again. And everytime that you sigh deeply and make that jerk-off motion with your fist when someone in their comfy sitting room or office comments that this is really a good thing for the Iraqis (and eventually the good people of Iran) you are just being rude and you hate the freedoms that God gave to us all, including that one that allows us to say really stupid fucking things.
And who did the Euston signatories attract first in support of their Bush/Blair cuddle-in? Why none other than the rabid right Michelle Malkin, (or whoever writes her stuff). And you can expect the remainder of neocon/PNAC crowd of cheerleaders to embrace this with all the gusto of Bush ripping open a bag of pretzels.

So what is it this august group of intellectuals are telling us? Why, what wankers always say when they are held to account. "Shut up!"

It's pure Bill O'Reilly, cloaked in intellectual camouflage. (I'm certain someone will explain it to Bill in short, monosyllabic sentences.)

If we were to understand the Euston Manifesto adherents we would all accept that opposition to the actions of Bush/Blair serves no purpose, except to undermine them.

Just so they've got this clear... that's the friggin' point!

The liberal left, that the manifesto so criticizes, wants those who perpetrated an ill-advised and unnecessary war held to account. We want those who authorize illegal torture brought to justice. We want those who attempt to suppress the truth to advance their own agenda to face the indignation of the public. We want those who would treat anybody who doesn't look, worship and think just like them with less than equal human diginity removed from the seats of power. We want the perpetrators of the attacks of 11 September, 2001, captured and brought to justice - not ignored and allowed to continue to operate five years after having committed a heinous crime.

We will give no quarter.

The Euston Manifesto calls for nothing short of what happened in 1938 Germany. Placed back in that time, this piece of work would have called for support of the actions of Adolf Hitler.

Watching this bunch try to suck and blow at the same time over the next few weeks should be entertaining.

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