Monday, April 24, 2006

Harper bans the media from repatriation of fallen troops.

Remember this from October 2003?

In March, on the eve of the Iraq war, a directive arrived from the Pentagon at U.S. military bases. "There will be no arrival ceremonies for, or media coverage of, deceased military personnel returning to or departing from Ramstein [Germany] airbase or Dover [Del.] base, to include interim stops," the Defense Department said, referring to the major ports for the returning remains.

Now, look at this.

Media will be barred from the airfield when the plane carrying the remains of four Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan lands at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ont.

Miltary sources say reporters will not be be allowed to cover the repatriation of the remains when the aircraft lands at the base Tuesday evening.

In the past, the media have been invited to cover the arrival of the remains of soldiers who have fallen overseas.

Not much difference except for the location.

Is there anything else Harper can copy from his Bushco heros?

Oh, jesus, I'm sorry I asked that.

This is unmitigated bullshit, and it's only the start.

Update: Dana predicted this with unbelievable accuracy just 2 days ago. His next prediction also follows the Bushco line.
I went to the DND/CF site to check for the promised press release on this subject, given that it is now evening in Ottawa. Crickets chirping.
However, there are two releases on Canada's involvement in the Azalea Festival in Norfolk, Virginia.

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