Monday, April 03, 2006

The Galloping Beaver is going "Group"

Our regular readers will begin to notice some changes in The Galloping Beaver, probably very soon. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing new contributors to the blog and as an endeavour, TGB will expand from it's origins as a somewhat personal pursuit to something perhaps more significant.

The reasons are many, but I'll explain what is driving us in such a direction.

While I try to keep my feet on the ground, I still have a few "ships" left in me and when presented the priviledge to command, especially if a vessel is unique, I am unable to resist. Despite a varied career, I have always had a passion for the sea and, as a result of an opportunity, I will be spending several months away, out of regular contact and without the necessary connection to make regular contributions. That you will have to accept as the immediate necessity.

Cheryl has a constantly busy work life and contributes when she can. In her view, it would not be enough to maintain the consistency of content many readers have come to expect.

It was then that we discussed the idea of changing The Galloping Beaver to something very different. As opposed to filling the summer with "guest bloggers", which works well for some blogs, we both felt that there were other people who produce superior written work and might be willing to participate and, in a sense, join a team on a more permanent basis than that of a "guest". A "guest" is never really at home. It is our wish that both contributors and readers can feel free to put their feet on the furniture - even if they occasionally produce a slightly obnoxious smell.

So, effective today, the team has started to take form and you will soon begin to see new posts from new members. The first to expose a bare back is Dana, and I would ask that you join us in a hearty welcome. And, with Dana's contribution, The Galloping Beaver changes from a voice in the blogosphere to a place - with many voices.

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