Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogger Food and an Update

Yesterday I put together a lengthy post I entitled “An American Military Coup?”

I referenced an award winning War College essay by now Brigadier General Charles J. Dunlap called “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012”. (Or here if you prefer pdf.)

I mentioned the cover article in the new Harper’s entitled “American Coup d’Etat: Military thinkers discuss the unthinkable” which includes contributions by the aforementioned Brigadier General. This article isn't yet available in it's entirety online but there is a very instructive precis available here.

I called to mind the recent and unprecedented criticisms of SecDef Rumsfeld by recently retired senior military men along with the admissions of even Rumsfeld's supporters that it's not going terribly well.

I drew attention to Fred Kaplan’s recent Slate article where he cites the unrest and dissatisfaction in The Pentagon, among currently serving senior military staff, about Rumsfeld’s leadership or lack thereof.

I asked the question, “What would change if there were to be a military coup in the US?”

However, alas, it was all to no avail. Blogger ate the post. Which I am sure the right whingers who may be reading here will applaud.

So instead of posting about that today I’ll just refer you to a brilliantly incisive article in the new Rolling Stone by Sean Wilentz, the Dayton-Stockon Professor of History and Director of the Program in American Studies at Princeton University.

“The Worst President in History?”

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