Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush Will Now Pave Iran For Jeeeeeesus - Praise the Lord!

Now that a bunch of damn heretical scientists - bloody physicists at that - have signed a letter telling Preznit Boooosh that bombing Iran with nookyalur weapons is a horrible idea - well jesus-boy is just honour bound to go ahead and ride the big one down to the mushroom cloud. And won't that just be the smoking gun the world has been waiting for.

And The Steves will kiss his ass for it. Peter " I Will Lick Your Boot Ms. Rice" Mackay will fall all over himself praising their perspikat - uhhhm - pursekipat - uhhm - pursipikaticat - uhm - excuse me - boldness.

Stevie himself will unhesitatingly, squintingly, mumblingly, monotonously laud their vizzhun.

David Emerson of course will explain that he's free to say whatever he believes but wants someone to tell him what that is.

Jaysus fookin' wept - it may not be Bay of Pigs but at least it's scarier.

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