Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Conservative dilema...

Consume their time attacking their political opposition, (in an attempt to retain a flimsy grip on power), or actually provide good government and run the country.

Ah, what the hell! If you leave it alone, the country will run itself.
Two years after Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government approved $1.25 billion in funding for an office to support infrastructure projects, a newly-created crown corporation still finds itself in temporary headquarters with a skeleton crew of 12, several vacant positions on its board of directors, and little public visibility to fulfil its mandate.

But its chief executive officer, who has only been on the job for about 100 days, says that PPP Canada is working on a long-term plan to achieve its goals of encouraging and supporting partnerships between the public and private sectors for new infrastructure projects. Much of its early focus has been on meeting with stakeholders from provincial governments and the private sector to identify needs, priorities and potential infrastructure projects for analysis.

“When I was appointed, there was clearly no office, no anything, so I kind of got myself installed in some temporary accommodation,” said John McBride, a veteran federal bureaucrat who now heads the crown corporation. “We don't have any administrative infrastructure like computers and websites and communications material and the rest of that kind of stuff, so we've been figuring out how best to do that, and now we're starting to develop some kind of capacity.”

Two years. And the CEO was appointed just a little over three months ago.

Well done, Harper! At least one question has been answered.

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