Monday, May 11, 2009

G&M editors pull noses out of Harpers ass... and endorse a liar in BC

Toronto's "newspaper of record" the CTVglobmedia owned Globe and Mail has come out with a resounding endorsement of Gordon "I won't sell BC Rail" Campbell.
From W.A.C. Bennett and Dave Barrett to Bill Vander Zalm and Glen Clark, British Columbia was long known for its colourful and often dysfunctional politics. The greatest achievement of Gordon Campbell, who will seek his third term as premier on Tuesday, is to have brought a measure of calm and stability to his province. That is reason enough for British Columbians to resist any impulse to change government, at a time when economic tumult calls for a steady hand.
Coming from a newspaper that endorses the Harper party federally, that's something. Dysfunctional indeed. Look around your own newsroom Mr. Greenspon.

But to suggest that Gordon Campbell has brought "calm and stability" to British Columbia?! That goes beyond the pale.
Recessions always pose a risk to incumbent governments. But British Columbians could make matters considerably worse by forgoing Mr. Campbell's calm leadership in favour of a party that is mostly telling them what it thinks they want to hear. Now is not the time to risk a return to erratic governance.
We have an erratic government in BC. From one minute to the next, one never knows what Campbell and his "Bought and paid for by big business" party are going to spring on unsuspecting British Columbians.

There's nothing calm or stable about it.

I personally dislike all other options available but that doesn't elevate Gordon Campbell to a position of favour. To suggest that Campbell is anything but a lying, arrogant elitist, out to give away everything he can to his big-business buddies, is a deviation from the truth.

For a list of Campbell's real accomplishments, go visit Creekside.

And for further adventures of how Campbell is in the pockets of big-media, follow the links at The Gazetteer.

In the meantime I have a suggestion for the G&M's Toronto-centric Greenspon and Geiger: Put your faces back where they're comfortable.

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