Sunday, May 31, 2009

The sanctity of all human life?

Not fucking likely.

The shrieking anti-abortion crowd can deplore murder all they want. They either did it directly or they provoked some wingnut to do it for them.

Let's hear no more of the "sanctity of human life" from this pack of self-absorbed swine. It's time we started to get into the details of the lives of all these terrorists as much as they interfere with the lives of others. Let's start with the biggest assholes and work toward the lying scum who are telling us how much they condemn this assassination.

Inasmuch as the Army Of God (I won't link to them) was brought under federal investigation for aiding and abetting Clayton Waagner, every single loudmouth anti-abortionist should be scrutinized for their involvement, however small it may seem.

Bonus: Ah, the fetus fetishist fax machine has been burning up paper.

Yeah... as deBeauxOs points out, the "vulture culture" has a problem. As much as they would like to be cheering and claiming a victory at the moment, they are forced to swallow hard and put on the pretense of being civil.

Although... Randall Terry doesn't seem willing to hold back. If I were the FBI I'd be picking this wingnut prick off the street and tossing his conspiratorial ass into an interrogation room for the next 48 hours.

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