Sunday, May 03, 2009

This piece of work was making strategic decisions for the United States

Uh, with all due respect,
Nazi Germany never attacked the homeland of the United States.

Former US Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice
30 April, 2009

Which could be interpreted as another Rice lie or, as I believe, the response by someone whose depth of education is so lacking that she should never have been permitted through the front doors of the State Department.

Between December 16th and December 25th, 1941, Nazi Germany dispatched five type IX U-boats to the waters off the United States. They took up stations inside US territorial waters. In the months that followed they sat off the east coast of the United States, in places like New York Harbor; Cape May, New Jersey; right off Cape Hatteras and inside Rhode Island Sound.

On the night of January 14th, 1942, the German submarine U-123, inside US territorial waters and watching the headlights of cars on the Rhode Island shore, sank the Panamanian-registered tanker Norness. It was the second ship to have been sunk in what was officially known to the Nazi regime as Paukenschlag - a deliberate and directed attack on the United States intended to cut off their supply of vital oil.

This attack by Nazi Germany on the homeland of the United States resulted in 259 ships lost to German torpedoes. In the six months of Operation Drumroll, the German U-boats sank more tonnage within sight of the US east coast than the Japanese did from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the end of the Battle of Midway.

Rice needs to do some reading. Try Torpedo Junction by Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

Every time the Bushies open their mouths....

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