Friday, May 08, 2009

BC Election 2009 : Money is thicker than water

This last week, documents from the much-beleaguered BC Ministry of the Environment revealed that run-of-river power projects breach environmental regulations : cutting down old-growth forest, construction during bird breeding season, that sort of thing.
Unfortunately the government officials involved "say they can't discuss what they found until after next week's provincial election."
Now today we get this : Environment ministry faces 'substantial pressure' from power producers, documents say
"Ministry of Environment officials sometimes face "substantial pressure" from IPP [Independent Power Project] proponents to exempt them from wildlife and habitat protection regulations that apply to the forestry sector -- and ministry staff are recommending that requests for exemptions be passed along to politicians rather than dealt with by civil servants"

"Recommended Option : If a Regional Manager does not wish to issue the exemption, it would elevate to the Minister."

You mean the same Liberal politicians who have received $800,000 in political donations from that IPP industry and its supporters over the past 8 years would be making the call on whether specific IPPs are exempt from environmental regulation?
Good lord.

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