Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chalk River, medical isotope shortages and a government running on borrowed fumes

It should be interesting to see how this plays out... the second time around.

The first time it gave the Harperites an excuse to interfere with Canada's nuclear regulator, and not in a small way.

From Harper standing in Parliament announcing that the Chalk River reactor was "safe", simply because he said so, to the exposure of a manufactured crisis, the ultimate aim of the last very same event was to remove the regulatory requirements and, ultimately, reduce the level of safety in one of the world's oldest nuclear reactors.

In the six weeks it took the media to dig into the story and come up with facts not tainted by the Harper spin factory something else became obvious. The Harper government was hell-bent to serve their big-business buddies and fire Linda Keen.

Now they have their own hack in place, a cold reactor and the flow of molybdenum-99 (the medical isotope around which all of this is spinning) halted.

Let's see what the Harperites do now.

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