Monday, May 18, 2009


IMHO, for people in wheelchairs, this is a real boon.

For wheelchair users who would like to get about town without assistance, this could be exactly what you are looking for. You enter the Kenguru on an automatically lowering ramp, which comes down as the back door opens at the press of the key.

Made in Hungary, the Kenguru is a small vehicle that drivers can roll into without leaving their wheelchairs.

Designed by Zsolt Varga, Kenguru is small, stylish and cheerful vehicle whose contours are similar to those of a Smart car. But the resemblance stops there. Made to hold one passenger in a manual wheelchair, the Kenguru doesn't have doors or seats. To get in, the driver opens the extra large back hatch and rolls inside while remaining seated in his wheelchair, which automatically locks into place inside the car. A joystick instead of a steering wheel means that drivers with limited arm mobility can comfortably control the vehicle.

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Thomas said...

Kenguru is truly a great innovation! Aside from the fact that it gives people with disability a chance to go to places, I think what this vehicle provides for PWDs is the chance to be independent, capable and free! :-)[Thomas Wright]