Monday, May 11, 2009

Science Dawg

Channelling Ulrich Beck...perhaps late modern society has become so complex and individually focused as to lose a critical mass of public awareness of the basic evidence-based problem-solving/question-producing logic that underpins general scientific inquiry and epistemological progress. Perhaps again, this entropic loss of public intellectual capacity facilitates the emergence of popular religious social movements which not only do not understand science, argument and knowledge, but also assault it like so many discursive termites. [I'm amazed that these people can feed themselves.]

Now, go read Dawg.

And then calm your nerves and restore your hope here. (Episode 13 with Dean Bavington on the cod fishery collapse is an excellent illustration of how science works even when it doesn't.) Maybe even send the link to one or two elected officials who seem to have missed something.

(h/t Dr. Dawg)

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