Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bush has jammed the phone lines of a Christian school

Chet points to a supremely dumb-ass move by Bush making an announcement for sub-prime mortgage borrowers attempting to resolve their interest rate problems.
President Bush accidentally gave out the wrong phone number for the new “Hope Now Hotline” set up by his administration. “And I have a message for every homeowner worried about rising mortgage payments: The best you can do for your family is to call 1-800-995-HOPE. That is 1-800-995-H-O-P-E,” he said. Anyone who dialed 1-800-995-HOPE was greeted by just a busy signal.
Well, out of curiosity, I just dialed the number Bush provided all those mortgage-hampered US citizens.

I got an answer.


It is the Freedom Christian Academy in Knoxville Tennessee Ponder, Texas.

Faith-based mortgage relief.

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