Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random Rumours

A short roundup of some things out there in Blogtopia (Yes, a term coined by Skippy) you should really take the time to read or look at.

Giant Political Mouse finds a UN soldier lining up in an opportune moment for a photographer. It provides a good analysis of Canada's involvement in Africa.

There is more there for those who understand. Feel sorry for the poor sonofabitch who's expected to do a dangerous job with a piece of crap like an SA-80.


Saskboy does a fine deconstruction of Terence Corcoran's article in the Financial Post. Shorter Corcoran: Only corporations should be allowed to write law, and that means making the consumer pay more for everything.


Impolitical wonders if the Harper Conservatives are so insecure that they think they have to undermine the Premier of Newfoundland. Loyola Hearn claims to know what's going on in the Williams cabinet room. Why does Harper hate Canadians?


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