Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Copyright legislation to be introduced on Thursday

Via matttbastard, Michael Geist reports that Industry Minister Jim Prentice intends to introduce DMCA copyright legislation in parliament on Thursday.

Given the short period of time it was held back (two days) there is very little likelihood that there have been any significant changes to what was viewed as punishing copyright law.

Michael Geist updated his information with this:
Further confirmation from multiple sources. Pressure from Washington and concern over the news coverage of the past two days, widely viewed as embarrassing to the Prentice, are viewed the primary reasons for the change of heart.
Pressure from Washington? What?! Are they going to demand another billion dollars? Tell Washington to piss up a rope! Who's running things in Ottawa anyway?

Right. Sorry. My mistake. Momentary lapse.

As for being embarrassed, Prentice had better get used to it. If the legislation is as onerous as it is reported to be, Prentice might find that being embarrassed is the least of his worries. Once again, this crap is going to be jammed down the throats of Canadians, with no consultation, by the mega-corps.

Time to get writing again.


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